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Global Talent Course

Program Information
This program is targeted at locally enrolled students ranging from grade 5 of elementary school to grade 2 of middle school. This course is a special course held by Changnyeong English Village for advanced students.
Class times
Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:10-8:30pm (80 minutes)
Course information
Students are assigned to the appropriate class level following a thorough level test
All courses are taught by native teachers.
This course provides students with the opportunity to study at a more advanced, in-depth level than the regular course
Students build confidence and gain an interest in English through a variety of fun class activities and situational dialogues
Class sizes are limited to 5-8 students
Classes integrate speaking, listening, reading, and writing to build language skills in 4 essential areas
  • Speaking Speaking classes focus on practical English conversation
  • Listening Listening classes are held in the lab, which was established for the special use of Changnyeong English Village students. Students acquire vocabulary and situational listening skills through story listening practice.
  • Writing Students receive specialized training in English composition beginning with a variety of topics.
  • Reading Students hold debates and make presentations based on topics they read about in English news and original texts
Textbooks for the Global Talent Course
Changnyeong English Village develops its own texts in-house for this course. Textbook development is a collaborative effort between native teachers, Korean teachers, and our English textbook publishing company. The curriculum combines Korean elementary and middle school curriculum topics with American course materials. Classes integrate speaking, listening, reading, and writing to provide students with a rich educational experience.
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