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Changnyeong English Village

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Program Information/Anticipated Results

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English Immersion Camp

Program goals
- To foster 21st century global talent
Program policies
To provide students with diverse experiences through English immersion and interaction with native speakers
To help students improve and grow comfortable with speaking English
To build a sense of global citizenship
To normalize public education
Program details
Admission to Changnyeong English Village
  • Daytime courses : Targeted towards students in grades 4-6 of elementary school, grades 1-3 of middle school/ Year-round program : 1 semester 5 days 20 hours/ Intensive program: Twice during each school vacation period
  • Evening Global Talent Course: Targeted towards advanced students, Monday-Thursday 19:20-20:20
Transportation : Provided to daytime students
  • Time: Year-round (5 days a week)- Number of vehicles provided: Two 45-passenger buses
  • Cost to students: None
Textbooks: Elementary Advanced (1500 copies), Elementary Intermediate (1500 copies)
Immersion Course Textbooks: July and December of each year, 200 copies
Evening Course Textbooks: February of each year, 200 copies
Cultural immersion for Korean families
  • 8 native English teachers
Collaborative English performance arts recital
  • Locally enrolled elementary and middle school students
  • End of October
  • English speaking, English quizzes, English pop song performances
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