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Greetings from the Governor of Changnyeong-gun

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Welcome to the Changnyeong Special District for Foreign Language Education. Governor picture Recognizing the expansion and improvement of education as the highest priority of our citizens, we are making progressive and innovative efforts with the goal of improving the quality of education in the region and nurturing global talent.

On February 2, 2005, our efforts earned us the honor of becoming the first region in the nation to be designated a special district for foreign language education by the government. In order to successfully foster global talent in this 21st century era of glocalization, we are driving a number of projects to improve the quality of education, including the strengthening of foreign language education in schools, the training of creative global talent, the operation of English immersion camps, and the creation of online foreign language learning centers. Through these projects, we aspire to create the best educational environment in the nation. Success in this endeavor will not only stem the tide of residents who move to the city over concerns regarding the quality of their children’s education, but will actually draw citizens from other regions to our own.

As a key component of our special district for foreign language education, the Changnyeong English Village provides our citizens with the fundamentals of English education while simultaneously promoting a better understanding of foreign cultures. The English Village throws open the door of opportunity to everyone by reducing the burden of heavy costs associated with private and overseas education.

Changnyeong English Village has won awards for both education and culture two years in a row. It is the first English immersion camp in the country to operate year-round, and all classes are taught by 100% native English speakers. Changnyeong English Village works hard to recruit and retain a superior foreign staff, offering support and advanced training for our teachers. As a result, it has become a model for local, low-cost, highly effective foreign language education. The English Village offers a regular English immersion course, a global talent course, an intensive course during school vacation periods, and others. In addition, online foreign language courses are offered on a year-round, permanent basis and include both real-time courses with native speakers and video lectures. Additionally, the English Village proudly offers an international and exchange cooperation program, through which local students are provided with the opportunity to expand their view of the world beyond Changnyeong and experience other another culture by visiting the U.S.

Our region prides itself on its unparalleled natural wonders, which include beautiful mountains and the Woopo wetlands. In addition, we boast the nation’s foremost resort attraction, Bugok Hawaii, which offers sports and recreational facilities, a natural 78°C hot spring, and other leisure facilities. We are proud to contribute to the development of this region by taking the quality of local education to the next level.

We ask for your continued support and consideration as we work to ensure that the special district for foreign language education becomes a successful endeavor for our community.
Thank you.

Governor Han Jeong-woo

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