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Changnyeong English Village

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Our Mission/Our History

Our Mission

Changnyeong District Office (Financial supporter of the English Village)/ Changnyeong English Village (Operations and management)/ Richard Language Training Center (English Village operations)

On February 2, 2005, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance created the Changnyeong Special District for Foreign Language Education as part of a broader effort to improve the quality of local education and development of the region. Changnyeong English Village, an English language camp that is a key component of the government’s national strategy to prepare students for a globalized world, gives students the opportunity to experience what life is like overseas without actually going abroad. The English Village provides students with a strong foundation in English education and global cultural understanding through its language courses in an immersive, English-speaking environment, motivating and inspiring learners while simultaneously reducing the financial burdens of private education.

Our History

This is section is an introduction to the motivation behind the designation of Changnyeong as a special district for foreign language education.

In the Changnyeong Special District for Foreign Language Education, we work with you to achieve success in your foreign language learning!

  • iconRecognizing that education is the most important qualification in the 21st century of globalization
  • iconOperating a global HR scholarship foundation with regional linkage to foster talent
  • iconFinding new ways to develop the region in order to attract new residents
  • iconImproving substandard education in order to match the standards and quality of city schools
  • iconEqualizing educational opportunity and improving the quality of foreign language education by providing access to foreign, native teachers
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