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Changnyeong English Village

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English camp 1st floor

  • Cyber School Cyber School CEV has invested in electronic education; CEV constantly runs an internet based teaching service to local school children. This ensures students who cannot travel to CEV everyday can still benefit from a top class English education system. Students can log in from the comfort of their own homes and take classes after school. There are several classes a day and students can participate in these classes for as long as they please.
  • Language Lab Language Lab Language Lab is a fun room with a large screen TV that is used for many learning activities. Students love this room because it teaches them English through competitive games that review the skills they have been taught in the classroom. It is also a good place to introduce CEV's many simulation rooms, as students can watch short videos about each room, while also learning and practicing vocabulary related to each room.
  • Library Library The library has hundred of English books, both fiction and non-fiction. Students of all ages can find something to read that interests them.
  • Duty Free Shop Duty Free Shop In Camp Mart students are surrounded by many English foods and other items in the store. They learn the English names of fruits and vegetables along with many other kinds of foods. In the clothing section of the store, they love to try on the clothes and other items. Students are given a grocery list, basket, and money for an amazing shopping experience. When they finish they check out using cash or credit card.
  • Art Room Art Room The Art Room is a place for students to express themselves while learning about famous artists and their works of art. It is full of different materials for an array of learning activities. Students have fun creating anything from pop art to angry bird paper crafts.

1st floor plan view

1st floor plan view

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