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English camp 2nd floor

  • Science Room Science Room In the Science room the students use their five senses to explore and experiment with many materials. They learn the English vocabulary for concepts they have already learned in Korean, making it simple and fun to do scientific experiments.
  • Bank &  Post Office Bank & Post Office In the Post Office, the students have the opportunity to create and fill out a postcard to be given to a teacher or person of their choice. The students can practice putting together a package by completing a packing list. Since the Post Office is equipped with a computer, scale, and mailbox, students can also practice sending a letter or package using dialogues. Combining the previous two activities is a racing activity where the students must put together a package and read the shipping dialogue with the postal worker in order to complete the activity.
    At the Bank, the students practice counting using different currencies. They also perform dialogues for topics such as exchanging, withdrawing, and depositing money. The students especially love the pretend ATM, where they can use bank cards to withdraw money to spend. There are also a few money and counting-related activities for the students to enjoy.
  • Hospital Hospital At the Hospital, the students can have many different experiences. The room is set up with a pharmacy, doctor's office, and optometrist eye exam. The students can perform role-plays for any of these, using props such as a lab coat, stethoscope, and medicine bottles. Students can also practice their body part vocabulary with a matching activity. To learn or practice more advanced clinical vocabulary words, the students have a race activity to find and describe or name different things in the room that can be found in a real hospital.
  • Hotel Hotel At the CEV Hotel, students can have an English hotel check-in experience. The hotel contains a real check-in desk with a computer, service bell, and phone to make their simulations as realistic as possible. Students act out check-in and check-out experiences using provided dialogues or their own dialogues. The hotel also has a map of the world, where students can practice identifying the flags of the world. Fun and learning can also be had with a matching a game where students can learn about international landmarks.
  • Air port Air port At the Airport, students can role-play an entire flight experience in English, from check-in to getting information at their final destination. The students learn about the different types of signs (gate, arrivals, etc.) at the airport. With their teacher as their customs officer, students can talk about their dream vacations. There is also a popular scavenger hunt activity, where students explore the airport to answer a number of questions about it.
  • Restaurant Restaurant The newly expanded Restaurant is a student favorite. Students can role-play an entire restaurant experience, from being seated by the host to paying the bill. This helps the students practice their reading, speaking, and counting skills in English. The restaurant features a full menu, along with replicas of real food. Students can practice their fruit, vegetable, and fast food vocabulary with these replicas.

2nd floor plan view

2nd floor plan view

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