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Changnyeong English Village

Changnyeong English Village Changnyeong English Village 전체메뉴보기 버튼

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Sitemap Korean
  • Park Su Jeong
    Park Soo Jung
    Director of Changnyeong English Village
    Major: Business management
    Richard Chung
    Superintendent, Changnyeong English Village
    Major: English Literature
  • Kim So Hee
    Kim So Hee
    Department Head, Changnyeong English Village
    Major: M.A. in Graduate School of Education at Sookmyung Women��s University
  • Ha Jae Hak
    Lee Yeong-ho
    Changnyeong English Village Online Learning Center Computer Technician
    Major: Computer Science engineering
  • Selestia Ganton
    Carley Schroeder
    Nationality: USA
    Major: Physical education / University of Michigan.
  • Liam Ganton
    Eric Schroeder
    Official Lead Teacher
    Nationality: USA
    Major: MBA / Northwood University .
  • Hannah Sprado
    Chante Geary
    Nationality: South Africa
    Major: Education / Univ of Pretoria
  • Cameron Chafin
    William Aldridge
    Nationality: South Africa
    Major: Education / Univ of Pretoria
  • Stephanie Schneider
    Michelle Santo
    Nationality: USA
    Major: Advertising / Western Kentucky Univ.
  • Samuel Roudebush
    Lucas Widdicombe
    Nationality: USA
    Major: Environmental Policy / Indiana Univ.
  • Michelle Santo
    Stephanie Schneider
    Nationality: USA
    Major: Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Business / Indiana Univ.
  • Lucas Widdicombe
    Samuel Roudebush
    Nationality: USA
    Major: Psychology / Purdue Univ.

Selestia Ganton ���� Carley Schreoder grew up in a very small town Auburn, Michigan. She earned her Bachelor��s of Science degree from Central Michigan University. She has experience teaching all sorts of fitness classes and as a personal trainer. Carley is passionate about physical fitness, mental wellness, nutrition, and education. She enjoys hiking, biking, running, swimming, dancing, reading, yoga, traveling and meeting new people. Carley is thrilled to be a part of the CEV family to teach students in a fun and exciting way to make lifetime learners. She feels that the simulation rooms are designed to set the students up with real life situations to help the excell in an English speaking country.

Liam Ganton ���� Eric Schroeder grew up in the most exciting town in the world called Climax, Michigan. He graduated with a Bachelor��s degree in Kinesiology and went to graduate school to acquire an MBA. He worked in Banking and Sales before meeting and marrying the love of his life, Carley. Eric is passionate about expanding the horizons for himself and others through the sharing and communicating of ideas. He believes English is a vital skill for those seeking to know more about and participate in world affairs. He enjoys hiking, reading, writing, playing sports and exploring new cultures!

Hannah Sprado���� Chante Geary is twenty four years old and only finished studying in 2017. She majored in Dramatic Arts and did a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Pretoria. She is an enthusiastic individual who enjoys spending her time with people as well as in nature. Chante uses her free to play in a band where she was the lead singer and also plays ukulele and guitar. She also kept herself busy with children��s theatre on weekends where she had to sing, dance. She loves her family and also loves her dog very much. She enjoys dressing up and figuring out what to wear as she loves fashion and different colors. She also loves art and painting as it is her way of expressing herself.

Cameron Chafin���� William Aldridge is all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa. He studied business management at the University of Pretoria, where he acquired an undergraduate, as well as, an honors degree. Not willing to give up on pursuing an education background, he then went on to complete a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) at the University of Stellenbosch. William is an easy going person who enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new places. He loves sports and the outdoors, as well as, playing music and attending music concerts. He hopes to make an impression on all the learners he encounters through his positive understanding of each individual.

Stephanie Schneider ���� Michelle Santo is from Louisville, Kentucky in the United States. She graduated with a bachelor��s degree in Advertising and a minor in Graphic Design from Western Kentucky University. She loves to make people laugh and wants her students to know that learning can be fun. Passionate and energetic, Michelle tries to pull out the best in her students by alternating learning styles as to benefit each and every one of them. She enjoys photography, dancing, hiking outdoors and spending time with friends and family.

Samuel Roudebush ���� Luke Widdicombe is from Fort Wayne, Indiana in the United States. He graduated college from Indiana University with a degree in Environmental Policy. After college, he moved to North Carolina and then Washington where he was teaching outdoor and environmental education. He has also worked on shipping boats traveling both the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. He strives to make his teaching engaging to all learning styles and as fun as possible. Luke enjoys spending time outdoors doing activities like hiking and snowboarding, as well as, spending time with friends playing video games and board games.

Michelle Santo ���� Stephanie Schneidercomes from a town in the heart of Indiana called Noblesville. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business, with minors in Psychology and Dance. She also has a background in English Literacy tutoring for ESL students. Stephanie knows that in an increasingly globalized world, English is a valuable skill that will provide a wide array of future possibilities to those who know the language well. She believes that learning should be fun and hopes to inspire her students to become lifelong learners! In her free time Stephanie enjoys hiking, traveling, and trying new Korean foods!

Luke Widdicombe���� Samuel Roudebushhails from the lovely state of Indiana, a state that is nestled in the center of the United States. Samuel has his bachelor��s of science in psychology from Purdue University. He has volunteered and assisted teaching at many schools across the state of Indiana. To earn his degree, he had to spend many hours tutoring ESL students as well as native English speakers. To Samuel, language is a very important medium in which ideas and culture can be shared. Teaching students English can open up doors and broaden their horizons on a global scale. Samuel believes that everyday counts and tries to make a lasting impact on each of his students. In his free time Samuel likes to run, hike, and explore.

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